Our Beginnings

Pleasant Valley started as a community in Clay County and was first called a "Village." In the early days, it was more of a farming community. Early ordinances deal mostly with keeping animals and building barns and sheds.
The Village had its own school where most of the community activities were held. The ordinances changed as time passed. An August 1960 ordinances states, "Motor vehicles in operation within the Village of Pleasant Valley, Missouri, during the period from thirty minutes past sunset to thirty minutes before sunrise, shall carry lighted lamps . . . shall be equipped with at least two approved headlamps mounted at the same level with at least one on either side of the vehicle."
On July 21st, 1961 an ordinance was passed to issue a bond in the amount of $70,000 to construct a village hall. The hall was built near the corner of Sobbie Road and Pleasant Valley Road. In 2000 a new City Hall and Police Department were built at its present location at 6500 Royal Street (the corner of Royal Street and South Church Street.)
On January 14, 1963, the Village of Pleasant Valley was incorporated into a fourth class city called the "City of Pleasant Valley."   Often referred to as "The Valley" by residents, the new City found itself without many services. There was no street department, no fire department, no sewers and the water system was a 1930’s WPA project. There was no where to go but "UP" and so began the progress that has given us the Pleasant Valley we know today.
The young city evolved because of the dedicated residents who cared about their city. When winter arrived and snow fell, the streets were treated by Ben Linhart and Dave Kane shoveling sand from the back of Bob Lehman’s dump truck. Today, we have a Public Works Department to keep the streets clear and safe. This Department also does inspections on construction projects, mow the grass the City is responsible for, inspect and insure sewer and street repairs are done, etc. It is staffed by a Director and two other employees.
Jess Gabbert was elected Marshall and the Police Department was staffed with Will Carder, Bill Francis and Bob Wheeler.

The current Police Department consist of a professional Chief of Police and 9 full time Police Officers, 4 part time Reserve Police Officers who assist with Municipal Court administration and special events and projects, a Communications/Records Section Manager, and 8 full and part time Police/Fire/EMS Communications Officers.  

In 2013, there were 55 Reported Part I Crimes. The department responded to 1,979 Calls for Service and issued 2,922 City Criminal and Traffic Citations. In addition, the department filed 32 State Level cases with the Clay County Prosecuting Attorneys Office.

Fire protection was provided by Liberty at the cost of $100 per truck and $4.00 per man—"if they didn’t have another call." In 1963 meetings were held and plans made to have their own fire department. A new building to house the city offices and a fire house were built and in December 1964 the city took possession of its first fire truck. 
Today, the Chief of the Fire Department provides leadership and direction to approximately 40 dedicated part time and volunteer firefighters, paramedics, and EMT’s. 
The City is approximately one square mile. As a result of the 2010 United States Census, the City of Pleasant Valley has a population of  2,961 residents.
 It has a comprehensive plan in place to develop and upgrade our community.